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Sensei Bill Parkinson - Godan (5th Dan)

After 35 years of Karate and approaching the age of 65 I am retiring from teaching. The adult class will continue under Senseis Matt Birch and Tom Finchett, two great black belts who have trained with the club for many yearss. The Cadets' class will transfer to Sensei Sam Nelstrop, who has run the nearby GojuMK school at Shenley. Sam will continue to run the class at Old Stratford from 6-7 pm each Monday as long as there are enough junior students to keep it viable, so it's up to you to support him and keep the club alive. It has been great fun teaching both cadets and adults during the time I've run clubs in this area (around 23 years) but I'm moving house over the Summer and will be unable to commit to regular training due to the distance. Thanks to all who have trained and helped out over the years, keep training.


Sensei Brian Weedon - Sandan (3rd Dan)

Due to a back injury Sensei Brian is no longer able to run the club and teach classes. Matt Birch, Tom Finchett and Sam Nelstrop will take on the teaching (Sam's details can be found at his site gojumk.co.uk/sensei). We hope to see Brian back and training at some point and thank him for his contribution.

Jackie Ibell - Treasurer

Jackie trained with us regularly for some time and when she suffered an illness became our treasurer. After many years of  keeping the books straight and taking the cash at the door she is retiring at Easter 2019. We thank her for her contribution to the financial stability of the club.

E: bill@akdmk.com

t: 07740 621527

E: brian@akdmk.com

T: 07961 165978

5th Dan Karate, 1st Dan Kobudo, British Karate Association


English Karate Governing Body qualified coach

Sensei Sarah Hill - Sandan (3rd Dan)

I’ve been with ADKMK since I was 10, taking a 4 year hiatus while I left to study at university. I'm incredibly glad to be back, and would be nowhere else! Along with Goju, I also study with another martial arts club- learning Shinkendo, Aikibujutsu and Bojutsu- and also do archery on my own in my free time. Martial arts has helped me to grow in many ways and, paired with the wonderful group of people we have at the club, I would honestly choose no better style.


(Sarah is currently studying in Japan but we hope to see her back at the club when she returns.)


Sensei Matt Birch - Nidan (2nd Dan)

I started my training at Goju Ryu Karate MK in 2007, and have learnt various styles of this karate from a few different instructors. I find that the beauty of Okinawan Goju Ryu is the balance of the hard and soft techniques, and how it can be made to suit anyone. Training with each instructor and other students from different disciplines allowed me to experiment with techniques to find those that suited a style of my own.

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