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By admin, Apr 8 2019 08:12AM

There are some changes taking place this Easter. Sensei Bill (who has stepped back in following Sensei Brian's problems with his back) will be retiring from teaching as he will be moving to the other side of Northampton. At the same time Jackie (our long-term treasurer) will stepping down. Classes will continue with Matt and Tom taking on the AKDMK adult classes and Sam Nelstrop from gojumk.co.uk will take on the cadets' class.

By admin, Mar 27 2019 07:52PM

Just an update, particularly for the Cadets. Sensei Brian, who has been running the club for the past few years, has unfortunately developed a back problem. Now, it is quite a serious one and he has been forced to change his job to protect his back. His doctor has also told him that he would be foolish to continue training as hard as he has in the past. This is the reason why I have been taking the cadets class since Christmas, in the hope that he would be able to return. I have been trying to find another instructor for the Cadets' class in the meanwhile and have had some luck. We are still discussing the details but it is likely that Sam Nelstrop who runs gojumk.co.uk at Shenley may take on the Cadets' class. So, please come along over the next few weeks, train with Sam and me and support the club. Hopefully we can keep the cadet classes running. Sensei Bill

By admin, Jul 3 2018 08:48PM

There will be a summer grading coming up soon, so we ask that all members, adults and cadets, practice their kata and bunkai as often as possible at home to ensure they are ready if they wish to grade.

If you wish to know more about your syllabus, please check out your belt level on the syllabus page of the website, and ask a team member if you need more information.

Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your hard work and practise!

Dates to follow.

By admin, Apr 17 2018 06:57PM

Dear Members, Parents, Visitors,

We are please to announce the new dojo Facebook page, which will run alongside the club Facebook group.

The group will continue to be the place for community discussion and daily runnings of the club, whereas the new page will be more events and wider info.

Please stay tuned to both, and check out the new page here!


By admin, Feb 1 2018 08:15PM

Hello AKDMK,

For all those wishing to join us in our Sunday training on 11th Feb, 10:00-12:00, adults and children, we will be taking payment in advance on Monday.

For those who pay per hour, it will be your usual training cost, and you will then be able to come and train on the day.

For those who pay monthly, this is included in your monthly cost which is due this week, first week of Feb.

Looking forward to having a big class on Sunday 11th!

See you Monday.

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