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Cadets' Classes


Looking for a class to get your children involved in Martial Arts?


Are they aged between 7 and 14?


At AKDMK we've hosted children's Karate classes for over 15 years, and counting! Our aim is to give the children an all round education and experience in Martial arts and self defence, along with building crucial life skills, such as motor skills, character, self control, and team work, along with getting them doing a variety of activities and having fun!


The classes will include syllabus to get them focused on their grades and learning as many forms and skills as they can and developing the basics to use as a 'toolbox' to help them with their training as they get older and move along.


We also incorporate fitness and team building games to get them applying their skills through a wide range of activities.


An average cadets' class may start with kata and karate forms and basics, then move on to look at the applications or self defence and finer points of the Martial arts, and may also involve a bit of sparring- we like to mix it up. The session will normally end with a team game for a competetive and exciting ending.


You are more than welcome to come and watch a cadets' class, talk to some of our team, and see what were are like as a club to see if your cadet will enjoy training with us just as much as the generations of cadets we have taught over the years!