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Adults' Classes


Our adult classes are a blend of the traditional martial arts and modern fitness.


We're a bit of a greedy style- we take the bits that work from a variety of styles, and use this to develop our own. You'll find this approach used most in the adult classes, as our members come from a variety of backgrounds and share what they know, including pieces of shotokan, ju jitsu, krav maga, wing chun, aikido, aikibujutsu and boxing. (You may even get to experience some of Sensei Brian's military knowledge!)


The classes cater for all fitness levels, ages and genders, but do fit an approach of building strength, stamina and fitness for the benefit of you and your Karate development. It's hard to get involved in our classes and not find your fitness naturally increasing! This may also take the form of team building exercises- not unlike the one in the photo above!


A typical class may involve drilling the basics to warm up. The basics build a strong foundation, and so can always be developed. After this, the class may split off into self-defence focussed sessions (where you drill on slightly more realistic scenarios), or it may be more syllabus based (where you train for your level, building on the movements and their applications).


Sparring and weapons defence can also be a key part to our training. We find it important to build on the full roster in order to properly develop as a Martial Artist.